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IDS's V-Realm Multi-user Browser

Integrated Data Systems of Savannah, Georgia has built a powerful set of VRML 2.0 authoring and server tools that includes integrated voice streaming. I have been following them for 3 years so was interested in seeing their multi-user browser.

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Download the Browser and other demo tools from IDS's Web site at:

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The Interface

Figure 14.4.1:
V-Realm Browser showing a view of the entry plaza

This figure shows the multi-user browser looking into the entry plaza. The browser navigation controls are clear and well designed, almost if they were borrowed from flight simulators. Navigation with the mouse is tricky and the cursor keys were not supported when I tried V-Realm. To get into the multi-user mode, select Start Multiuser on the Multiuser menu. Text and voice chat are supported.

The World, the Community

This is a brand new world. All the times I visited there have been no other avatars present so I can't say anything about its community. IDS tools such as V-Realm Builder were used to build one of the first adventure games in VRML called The Cave of Madness, which can be entered with Netscape Navigator 3.01 and a VRML 2.0 plugin from the Web page:

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