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Directly Accessing the Files on the CD-ROM

If you have a problem with the Interface to the CD-ROM or would like to access the files directly, this section will help you understand the structure of folders and how to run the installers for virtual worlds directly from the CD-ROM.

Map of the folders on the CD-ROM and their contents

The resources on the CD-ROM are divided up into folders. I have designed a tree of folders to keep everything organized. At the top of this tree is the root, where you will find the installers for the Acrobat Reader 3.0 and the inital interface screen document. Below the root, in other folders, you will find the virtual world software, HTML documents and other resources. There are separate trees for different types of computer and operating system, to keep some resources separate. The following is a map of folders on the CD-ROM:

root - contains the CD-ROM interface program and control files for edition and copyright. There is one top level folders at the root called BookFiles which contains everything else. Here is a map of the folders under BookFiles:

*Note that any virtual world software for Windows 3.1 should be able to run with Windows 95 (but not the other way around). Also note that Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 software may work under Windows NT

From this point you can open any of the folders and files. If you have a web browser and Adobe Acrobat Reader installed, you will be able to open any HTML or Acrobat PDF document you find on the CD-ROM. Double clicking on any installer software for a virtual world or tool will start the installation of that software. Make sure you don't try to start installing software for the wrong operating system (for Windows 95 programs if you are running Windows 3.1). As each installer runs, you will be asked for a location to install the software to, select a folder on your hard disk (not on the CD-ROM). You can return to the chapters in the book for each program to follow the installation instructions there.

If you are going to install this software more than once on different machines, you may want to make a copy of the installer file on your hard disk or server: drag and drop this file onto your desktop or into a folder you use for temporary work. Make sure you make a copy of the file, not just a shortcut. To do this, drag the file (with the left mouse button on the PC) and drop the file. On a PC running Windows 95, you will get a small popup menu. Select Make A Copy Here, from this menu. To start the installer from your hard disk, double-click on the new icon.

Questions and Answers about the CD-ROM

Q: What if the CD-ROM spins or makes a funny sound in the drive when I click on the icon to access it but a window does not open?

A: You may have the CD-ROM in upside down or the CD-ROM may be dirty or defective. You have to place the CD-ROM in the drive with the shiny side down (and the label on top). If you think the CD-ROM is defective, hold it by the edges and look at the shiny side under a light. If you see scratches this could be causing the CD-ROM to fail to be read by the computer. If there are fingerprints, dust or other particles on the shiny side of the CD-ROM, it may need cleaning. See your manuals that came with your CD-ROM drive for instructions on how to clean a disk. Try the CD-ROM again, if the problem persists, you may have to return the book to the store where you bought it to exchange it for another. Bring your receipt and explain to the merchant your problem with the CD-ROM. They should be able to give you another copy of the book with another CD-ROM.

Q: When I click on a virtual world installer to install the software, it crashes my computer or does not completely finish.

A: Check to see if you are installing software for the right computer and operating system. If you are running Windows 3.1, you cannot install software that is designed only for Windows 95 systems.

Q: After I installed the software from the CD-ROM and tried to connect to the Internet, it reported a message like "this software is out of date" or simply would not connect.

A: Check your Internet or on-line service connection and try again. If this problem persists, you should follow the link (included on the guide for that software on the CD-ROM) to the Web page for the company that provides the virtual world. You should check for any news about the virtual world (it may be discontinued or have a new version). Downloading and installing a new version directly from the Internet may solve the problem and allow you to connect. If you still cannot get the world to work, check the technical support pages on the Web for solutions. Some of the companies supplying these worlds may have an email address or telephone number you can call for support.

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