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Wednesday, May 06 2009

Astronomy Visualization Workshop

Bruce Damer presented the Educational Spacewalk Simulation for the upcoming Hubble Servicing Mission STS-125 at the Astronomy Visualization Workshop hosted by the California Academy of Sciences, 6 - 8 May 2009, which brought together astronomy education and public outreach professionals as well as Bay Area graphics and interactive specialists.

Tuesday, May 05 2009

Autonomous Systems and Robotics Seminar

Bruce Damer presented "Digital Spaces: an open-source 3D platform" at the Autonomous Systems and Robotics Seminar at NASA Ames Research Center (2:30-3:30p Bldg N269, Rm 179).

Friday, April 24 2009

Immersive Education Initiative's London Summit

Bruce Damer remotely presented a session on the history of virtual worlds in learning and DigitalSpace's Educational Spacewalk Simulation at the Immersive Education Initiative's London Summit at the London School of Economics (May 23-24th).

Monday, April 13 2009

MediaX Speaker Series

Bruce Damer presented the EvoGrid at Stanford University as a part of the MediaX speaker series, Stanford, CA.

Thursday, April 09 2009

Yuri's Night

Was the third annual Yuri's Night (Bay Area) which this year was held at the California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA. Bruce presented 'The EvoGrid: Evolving our way into the Solar System' at 9pm PST.

Wednesday, April 08 2009

Bruce Damer presented the EvoGrid at DorkBot in San Francisco, CA. See the high def video here.

Friday, April 03 2009

CONTACT Silver Anniversary

CONTACT (silver anniversary) was held at NASA Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, California. This was the twenty fifth conference featuring a star-studded cast of writers, artists, scientists and thinkers from many CONTACTs past. Bruce Damer presented an update on DigitalSpace's work for NASA and the EvoGrid project.

Friday, March 20 2009


Pending - postponed from original March 30th date : Bruce Damer will make a presentation and moderate an evening panel on the origins, evolution and future of the virtual worlds medium, with special guests Chip Morningstar, Henry Lowood, Marc Weber, and Philip Rosedale, to be held at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California.


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