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Thursday, March 12 2009

Taxonomy of Virtual Worlds

Bruce Damer and Galen Brandt presented at the Taxonomy of Virtual Worlds for Education Workshop the University of Pennsylvania. The workshop was sponsored by the National Science Foundation.

Monday, February 16 2009

EvoGrid PhD Candidacy

Bruce Damer presented his case for the EvoGrid research as a part of a transfer to PhD candidacy at the SMARTlab, University of East London.

Thursday, February 12 2009

Darwin 200

Bruce Damer presented in the Architecture & Complexity: Systems Architecture &: Interdisciplinary Seminar at the Bartlett School of Architecture, University of London as part of the celebration of the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin's birth.



Tuesday, January 01 2008

Jan 26-27

Virtual Worlds Workshop was held at the at NASA's Ames Research Center in Moffett Field CA, USA. This was a special event hosted by Center Director Pete Worden on the intersection of virtual worlds and space, for scientific, engineering and educational applications. DigitalSpace's Bruce Damer presented the opening visionary talk and helped to co-organize this event. Other speakers included Will Wright, designer of The Sims, who talked about his new upcoming game, Spore.


March 3


Bruce Damer of DigitalSpace presented to the Grey Thumb special interestgroup in Artificial Life in Boston, MA, USA.

April 4-6

CONTACT, Cultures of the Imagination, 24th Annual Conference, returned to the NASA Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, CA, USA. DigitalSpace presented an update on its work with NASA, on the explosion of the use of avatars, and on project Biota.

April 12


Yuri's Night returned to NASA Ames Research Center and Bruce Damer did a stage presentation on the threat and opportunity of Near Earth Objects (NEOs). See Bruce's photos from this event here.

May 17-18

Bruce Damer presented at Productive Play, at UC Irvine, a National Science Foundation sponsored workshop on the history and use of virtual worlds in productive work (and play).

September 11-12

Bruce Damer presented at the Serious Virtual Worlds Conference 08 at the Coventry Technocentre, UK. The event was organized by the Serious Games Institute. Find Bruce's powerpoint slides here, presented inside Forterra's Olive 3D virtual world platform. Also find his recorded MP3 audio here.

October 16-18


Bruce Damer presented the opening plenary keynote and Galen Brandt gave the closing plenary session keynote at Presence 2008, the 11th Annual International Workshop on Presence Conference in Padua, Italy. Bruce's talk was titled: Virtual Worlds: Projecting Human Presence into Cyberspace, Streetspace, Biospace and Outerspace. Galen's performance was titled: Tiny Dancers and Singing Fish.

October 20-21


Bruce Damer presented at the Virtual Worlds London conference in London UK as a part of the team presenting the Virtual Worlds Roadmap.

October 27-29


Bruce Damer presented at the Sarasota International Design Summit in Sarasota Springs, Florida. He covered leading edge design and simulation work in avatar Cyberspace, OuterSpace, Streetspace and BioSpace. See full video of this presentation here.

November 14


Bruce Damer presented “Asteroids and Comets: Mitigating Impact Risks and Stepping Stones to a Sustainable Space Program” at the one day seminar entitled GLOBAL CATASTROPHIC RISKS: Building a Resilient Civilization, organized by the: Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies, the Center for Responsible Nanotechnology and the Lifeboat Foundation. See full video of this event here.



Monday, January 01 2007

July 30


Bruce Damer presented a special session at Industrial Light & Magic, Lucasfilm's LDAC facility in the Presidio , San Francisco, California. This presentation covered the history of the development of the virtual world medium and its application to space exploration. Note that this presentation was not open to the public.

July 30


Bruce Damer presented "From Avatar Space to Outer Space" at the Luna Philosophie evening at CitizenSpace in downtown San Francisco. This event was hosted by the NASA CoLab. In this session, Bruce presented a sweeping visual journey through the origins and evolution of multi-player gaming, avatars and social virtual worlds up to the present "main-streaming of the metaverse" in platforms such as Second Life. From there we boldly went where no virtual world had gone before... into the real-time 3D design engineering of NASA's architectures for robotic and human exploration of the solar system in the first quarter of this century. Some never-before-seen mission scenarios, developed by Bruce's company DigitalSpace working with NASA, were presented during this session. Bruce also dipped into Project Biota, a ten-year initiative in artificial life and hyper-evolution. Bruce concluded by suggesting pathways to combine the power of avatar cyberspace and serious engineering environments for the public understanding and support of space.

June 10-13


Brad Blair and Bruce Damer of DigitalSpace presented two papers at the Planetary and Terrestrial Mining Sciences Symposium hosted by NORCAT in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. The two papers dealt with our recent work on simulating a drill jumbo machine used in underground mining and NASA-sponsored work to simulate lunar excavators.

May 9th


Bruce Damer presented a session on "The Origins, Evolution and Future of Virtual Worlds" at the British Computer Society in London, UK. This was part of the BCS' 50th Anniversary programme of events.

May 2nd


Bruce Damer and Galen Brandt presented an evening performance at Parkhuis De Zwijger in downtown Amsterdam, Holland as a part of the series Science Fiction, Science Faction An exploration of the visions behind the contemporary digital world. This was organized by the Waag Society, Internet provider XS4ALL and the Cyberspace Salvations Research Team (University of Leiden, Erasmus University Rotterdam). You can see photos of this presentation, hear the audio and view the video of Galen and Bruce at this page.


Week of April 26


Bruce Damer presented "The Origins, Evolution and Future of Virtual Worlds" at the Czech Technical University, Department of Computer Science, in Prague, Czech Republic. This event was open to the public and hosted by the Computer Graphics Group.


March 26th


Bruce Damer presented the Virtual Worlds Timeline project to the Virtual Worlds SIG of the SDForum of Silicon Valley. This event was held in Palo Alto, California and was open to the public. For directions, teleports and media, see this page.


February 27th

Bruce Damer appeared "in-avatar" as an evening event "What Do Men Want? Hot Clothes! An evening with Howard Bloom, Bruce Damer, Carter Emmart, Leonid Gurevich, and Second Life" part of Daria Dorosh's new gallery show The Changing Room at A.I.R. gallery in New York City. The event was held on Tuesday, February 27, 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. and was open to the public.


January 26th


Was Bruce Damer's presentation "From Avatar Space to Outer Space" to the MAPS program of Modesto Jr. College in Modesto California. Find the Powerpoint presentation online here. Thanks Stan Trevena for the photo of Bruce presenting over the cyber-bridge.



Sunday, January 01 2006

Oct 30-Nov 1st

8th Space Resources Roundtable in Golden, Colorado, USA. DigitalSpace presented a paper titled "Design Simulation in Support of Exploration and ISRU for NASA's Lunar Exploration Program and the Mining Industry". In addition, DigitalSpace presented our work on "Using the open source Digital Spaces platform in design simulation for lunar exploration and in-situ resource utilization" at the Lunar Geomechatronics Workshop held at the Colorado School of Mines on October 30th in conjuction with SRR VIII.

September 19-21


Space 2006 - presented by the AIAA held in San Jose, California. See our photos, movies and audio of this event and Bruce Damer's presentation here.


June 4-7


PTMSS - the Planetary and Terrestrial Mining Sciences Symposium hosted by NORCAT and held in an experimental mine in Sudbury, Ontario Canada. DigitalSpace representative Brad Blair presented a paper by DigitalSpace.


May 4-7


International Space Development Conference in Los Angeles, California. This is the 25th annual event and is co-hosted by the National Space Society and the Planetary Society and features a "who's who" of people in the space exploration industry.


March 17-19

CONTACT conference featuring the theme "Science and the Arts with a focus on Music". CONTACT was held at the NASA Ames Research Center Conference Center.


March 13-15


Sim-Space Workshop, Where Cyber Space Meets Outer Space Building 3, Moffett Field University NASA Ames Research Park. Bruce Damer presented current projects supporting design simulation for lunar exploration and past projects to provide public outreach for space. The workshop schedule is posted here. See Bruce's presentations in the SimSpace Workshop Video Archive. Also of interest are the cartoon drawings done as facilitation during the workshop and a couple which describe digitalspaces and our sims.


March 5-9


ASCE Aerospace Division International Conference - Earth & Space 2006, League City, TX. DigitalSpace presented the following paper and post sessions: Modeling a Lunar Bucket Wheel Excavator for Early ISRU Telerobotic Concepts, and Real-Time 3D Collaborative Design Simulation in the New Exploration Era.




Saturday, January 01 2005

October 25-28


Lunar Exploration Conference, Houston, organized by the Lunar Exploration Analysis Group (LEAG), the Space Resources Roundtable, and the Lunar and Planetary Institute. DigitalSpace presented the following paper: Damer B. Rasmussen D. Newman P. Blair B. Duke M. King R. Muff T. Shirley M. Shen W-M., Design Simulation of Lunar Exploration and ISRU Prototype Vehicles and Mission Scenarios (PDF). DigitalSpace also presented the following poster session: Damer B. Rasmussen D. Newman P. Blair B. Cochrane T. Kohut J. Head J., Mission Visualization for Precursor Lunar Telerobotic Base Preparation (PDF). Also see our work on the Lunar Bucket Wheel Excavator simulation and the Telerobotic Base Preparation on our website. You can see our photos and slides and MP3 recordings of talks at this conference (as well as a visit to NASA Johnson Space Center) here.


October 7-10

The Institute of Ecotechnics held its 29th annual conference at the Synergia Ranch Retreat & Conference Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Bruce Damer of DigitalSpace presented a session on "The Technics of Virtual Space and Communities" (simulation and virtual reality). You can see our photos, MP3 recordings, powerpoint slides and more from this conference here.

July 31-August 4


SIGGRAPH 2005 in Los Angeles, California.

May 10


DM3D Studios and Bruce Damer of DigitalSpace presented a special session at Australia National Manufacturing Week 2005 conference and exposition in Melbourne. Topics to be covered will include the use of virtual environments for the design of complex industrial systems including space vehicles. The work of DM3DS/DigitalSpace was on display in the Centre for New Manufacturing Swinburne Virtual Reality Theatre at the Nano Technology Court at the Austech 2005 portion of Manufacturing Week. See photos of this presentation, the virtual reality pavilion and Bruce Damer's visit to DM3D Studios here

April 20-22


Was the kick-off meeting at Colorado School of Mines for the Dust Mitigation ECP project. DigitalSpace will be providing modeling and simulation for this project in FY 2006. The Center for Commercial Applications of Combustion in Space will be participating along with many other partners such as Caterpillar, Inc.

April 19-21

Bernard Farkin of DigitalSpace presented a poster session title "Virtual Human Spaceflight: Enabling Technologies and Mission Concepts" at the Trends in Space Science and Cosmic Vision 2020 conference at ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands.

March 18-20


The annual CONTACT conference featured the theme "Science in Literature, Literature in Science". CONTACT was held at the NASA Ames Research Center Conference Center. Bruce Damer of DigitalSpace presented a program on Saturday March 19th titled: "NASA Exploration Initiative Updates" in which Bruce reviewed how NASA and its community see vehicles, mission and time lines for the new Moon/Mars exploration initiative contrasted to private efforts like the Ansari X-Prize and Scaled Composites' SpaceShipOne. Bruce also reviewed the Contact Consortium's group and its new initiative Darwin@Home. See Bruce Damer's presentation Approaches to Space in HTML (with movie files) or the Powerpoint version here (missing movie files). See pictures of the conference here.


DigitalSpace worked with with Raytheon to show a new vision for space exploration at the 1st Space Exploration Conference, Orlando FL, Jan 31-Feb 1, 2005. See the photos of us in the Raytheon booth at the conference.


Jan 12

Bruce Damer of DigitalSpace presented Virtual worlds beyond games: From your street corner to the dunes of Mars & Announcement of Darwin@Home at the University of Southern California School of Cinema/TV Interactive Media Division.



Thursday, January 01 2004
AVATARS 2004: AvaMars Design Competition. Fantastic 3D Visions of Mars Past and Future

Entries were shown at CONTACT 2004, March 12-14, at NASA Ames Research Center. See the Competition and Conference homepage

CONTACT, March 12-14, 2004

Cyberspace meets Outerspace: Visiting Mars (Virtually)" and Avatars 2004

This year at CONTACT, the Contact Consortium and DigitalSpace hosted the Avatars cyber event Avatars2004.. AvaMars! in the new Adobe AtmosphereDetails of our participation and special session here, and see our gallery of images from the conference here

web-based virtual worlds platform. The Avatars conference is in its eighth year and the sixth held as an online virtual event. AvaMars will present 3D renditions of Mars Exploration Rover terrains, traverses and vehicles which have been produced with publicly available mission data.




Bruce Damer presented two sessions at the NASA Virtual Iron Bird conference . On the first day (March 31, 2004) the presentation was titled A review of Virtual Worlds projects at NASA Ames carried out by DigitalSpace, RIACS and other partners (find powerpoint version here). On April 2, 2004 Damer presented the second session Data-Driven Virtual Environment Assembly and Operation (find powerpoint version here) and find the published paper here.


April 1


"A Virtual Party", a special event held in Traveler in honor of Noel Paul Stookey's new album "Virtual Party", hosted by DigitalSpace and a great group of Traveler citizens.

August 8-12

Siggraph 2004 is Los Angeles, California.

August 14-22


ISEA2004, the 12th International Symposium on Electronic Art, held in three Baltic countries.

November 18-20


CW2004: 2004 International Conference on Cyberworlds held at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan.

December 3-5

Travatars2004, DigitalSpace and the Contact Consortium's annual Avatars event specially held by and for the members of the Traveler community.


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