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November 13-17, 2000

DigitalSpace presented at Fall COMDEX in Las Vegas with the DelphiGroup. A special session on making the Corporate Portal more human through Inhabitation featured live virtual worlds serving the B2B and B2C communities. See the slides from the COMDEX presentation here and the paper from the May London Corporate Portals conference for coverage of this material.


October 15, 2000

Avatars2000 produced by DigitalSpace DigitalSpace produced the Contact Consortium's annual Avatars convention and present at the parallel VLearn3D conference involving a large number or educational institutions in the VLearn3D project.


October, 2000

DigitalSpace was awarded a Phase I STTR funding from the National Aerontics and Space Administration for the project proposal: Brahms Virtual Environment. This contract will be completed with the USRA/RIACS organization.


October, 2000

Was Collaborative Virtual Environments (CVE) 2000 in San Francisco California where Bruce Damer presented the conference keynote address.


September 10-12, 2000

Was the Delphi Group Conference on Corporate Portals in London U.K. where Bruce Damer, President and CEO of DigitalSpace, together with Stuart Gold, Chief Architectural Officer and Galen Brandt, presented a special session "Back to the Future of the Corporate Portal" during the executive retreat on April 17th.


January 18, 1999

DigitalSpace's world Avatars98 was featured prominently at the Web3D Roundup at VRML99.This event was broadcast live from Padeborn Germany on February 25th.The Avatars98 world in Active Worlds was featured in this event by guide Lucio.



November 21, 1999

DigitalSpace was featured prominently on page 48 of The Industry Standard. The article on virtual tradeshows by Megan Barnett, "Meeting in the Ether" opens with coverage of Avatars98, the worlds first true conference in cyberspace produced by DigitalSpace. The article then goes on to review traditional webcasting offerings. Find it in the Jan 18 issue.

Avatars98 the first conference ever held inside Cyberspace, produced by DigitalSpace for the third annual conference of the Contact Consortium. This event was a resounding success with over 4,000 attendees and it received coverage from international media including CNNfn, the New York Times, Hotwired and others. Read the reviews about how the first ever conference inside cyberspace was produced and received.



January 18, 1998

Bruce Damer was featured on Technation with Moira Gunn on KQED Radio 88.5FM and nationwide on National Public Radio).


January 9, 1998

Bruce Damer was signing books at PeachPit Press during the MacWorld convention, San Francisco


January 9, 1998

Was the 10th annual Digital Be-in in San Francisco



January 2, 1998

Interview with Bruce Damer on Avatars and his book appeared in the Kamloops Daily News in Kamloops, B.C. Canada



March 7-9, 1997

The Consortium presented a special program on the new virtual communities at the CONTACT XIV Conference at the Sunnyvale Hilton, Sunnyvale, CA, U.S.A


March 1-5, 1997

The Consortium/Biota planning was held in Banff, Canada for the The Digital Burgess Workshop. Bruce Damer also presented a seminar at the University of Calgary and discussed the Nerve Garden project with Dr. Przemislaw Prusinkiewicz.


February 24-26, 1997

The Consortium SIG presented itself as a VRML Consortium Working Group in formation at the VRML97 Symposium in Monterey CA. Avatar and VRML extensions were also discussed at VRML97.


January 30-31, 1997

The Consortium and its special interest group participated in World Movers, the VRML 2.0 Developers Conference in San Francisco CA. A Birds-of-a-Feather was also hosted by the Consortium on questions of Avatar Standards.


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