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May 1, 2003

DigitalSpace Commons introduces a new version of its Traveler virtual worlds & communities platform


April 3, 2003

DigitalSpace awarded a new project with USRA/RIACS to continue work on virtual analog Mars habitats SimHab/BrahmsVE (FMARS/MDRS).


April 2, 2003, the open worlds community project was the recipient of the first open source code release from the DigitalSpace Commons. This release includes virtually all of DigitalSpace's Java work since 2000 on Meet3D, Meet2D, extensions to the VNET server, a shared whiteboard and MeetingPage implementation. See these projects described at this page OWorld partners who will be extending this codebase include the University of Washington (Department of Oceanography). For information about and the actual code release see the Oworld Downloads pages.


March 14, 2003

DigitalSpace produces the first technical progress report for SBIR Phase 1 ISS/PSA work



May 16, 2002

DigitalSpace signs a memorandum of understanding with the Creative Commons Corporation embodying the collaboration the two groups have been engaged in surrounding intellectual property in software and the promotion of a digital commons in the public interest.


May 16, 2002

DigitalSpace presents its Intercommons initiative to the public in tandem with the launch of the Creative Commons by Lawrence Lessig and the Stanford Cyberlaw group. Contact Us if you are interested in being part of the Intercommons initiative.


April, 2002

The Private Beta program for DigitalSpace's revolutionay collaboration and communications platform has opened. Contact Us if you are interested in being part of the Private Beta. See upcoming conferences at which DigitalSpace will be presenting in 2002 and new publications we post throughout the year.


January 1, 2002

Was the launch of the newly updated Atmosphere users community site, produced by DigitalSpace in cooperation with Adobe and the Atmosphere user community.



December, 2001

Avatars2001 happened on Dec 1-2, 2001 (produced by DigitalSpace), read our conference report here!


September, 2001

City Pulse, new from Lansing Michigan on coverage of Bruce
Damer's presentation at the Experiential Ecommerce conference: "New 3D talking heads build virtual communities in cyberspace"


August 10-17, 2001

Was SIGGRAPH 2001 in Los Angeles California featuring another Web3D Roundup where DigitalSpace gave a walking tour through Adobe Atmosphere.


March 26, 2001

he Adobe Atmosphere Launch and Events:
The release of Adobe Atmosphere Public Beta and DigitalSpace launches the Atmospherians community


Q1, 2001

Through an acquisition, DigitalSpace now offers the Onlive Traveler and other voice enabled network infrastructure including the lip synching 3D spatial audio Traveler client and server. Updates and news on "Traveler Communities" can be found at, now hosted by DigitalSpace.


Spring, 2000

DigitalSpace's President and CEO featured in 3D Magazine's Special Issue on the Rebirth of Web 3D. Bruce Damer was featured with six "luminaries" in the special section "Avatars on the Record". Barrett Fox's interview with Bruce Damer is reproduced here.


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