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May, 2005

Our team at DM3D were very proud to have won the Export Category, Sponsored by: Regional Development Victoria and Information Communications Technology Category, Sponsored by: Telstra, in the The Gippsland Business Awards 2005


Febuary 3, 2005

A story in Wired News, Games Join Space Race, features DigitalSpace and collaborators in the effort to meeting NASA's Simulation-Based Acquisition needs for the future of space exploration.


January-February, 2005

DigitalSpace is working with Raytheon to show a new vision for space exploration at the 1st Space Exploration Conference, Orlando FL, Jan 31-Feb 1, 2005. See the photos of us in the Raytheon booth at the conference.


January 12, 2005

DigitalSpace, and USC School of Cinema-TV announce Darwin@Home



November, 2004

DigitalSpace awarded Phase II and Phase I SBIR projects by NASA to create a universal model repository for simulation based acquisition visualization and to simulate a teleoperated lunar bucket wheel excavator.



May 24, 2004

Bruce Damer of DigitalSpace and Maarten Sierhuis of NASA were quoted in the Wall Street Journal in a special article by Jeanette Borzo: Almost Human: Using avatars for corporate training, advocates say, can combine the best parts of face-to-face interaction and computer-based learning (WSJ Membership required). We present the relevant excerpt below:

A Glimpse of the Future

Even more realism is expected in avatar-based training in the near future. Avatar-based training used in military and space-exploration training already involves far more-realistic, three-dimensional views and avatar movements than what can be seen now on corporate desktops.

"Eventually this technology comes down to industry,' says Bruce Damer, president and chief executive officer at DigitalSpace Inc. of Santa Cruz, Calif., which is working with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration on avatar programs. 'It trickles down.'

One simulation developed by DigitalSpace and NASA represents life in the polar conditions of Mars. You can enter the virtual environment as an avatar that isn't part of the simulation, to simply observe the living and working conditions, says Maarten Sierhuis, a NASA scientist. In another mode, he says, 'you can participate as one of the crew members in the simulation, working alongside and together with other avatars. We envision that this is more the training model that we aspire to create.'";

This excerpt is (c) 2004 Copyright Wall Street Journal, All Rights Reserved.


April 1, 2004

DigitalSpace and a great group of Traveler citizens hosted Noel Paul Stookey in "A Virtual Party", a special event held in Traveler in honor of Noel's new album "Virtual Party".


March, 2004

Contact 2004 The Challenge of Mars: Past, Present, Future... was held on the12th-14th, see our gallery of images from the event


February, 2004

Predicting the Future of AI.
Bruce Damer appears on TechTV on the PC Prophesy edition of "The Screen Savers" See the interview on movie (quicktime format) here, and read the article by Bruce on the techtv site


February, 2004

Patrik Svensson's hardy band of explorers are testing embedded MeetingPage up in the Arctic Circle - in northern Sweden.
Go to and keep them company, and Read our report here


January, 2004

"NASA Rovers land on Mars", DigitalSpace lands virtual rovers on Also this year at CONTACT, the Contact Consortium and DigitalSpace will be hosting the Avatars cyber event Avatars2004.. AvaMars!



September, 2003

DigitalSpace Commons to introduce independent Internet voice network based on its TalkSpace platform.


August 27, 2003

DigitalSpace Commons to test TalkSpace at the desert art festival Burning Man giving Burning Man attendees voice access from the Black Rock Desert of northern Nevada via satellite. TalkSpace will also be employed by the BBC to communicate with World Service Radio in London and tested on a mobile robot as a voice interface.


June 17, 2003

DigitalSpace delivers second interim progress report on the SBIR Phase 1 ISS/PSA work.


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